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Quality Initiatives for Mental Health Fund

Value-Based Payment

Value–based payment puts the focus on quality and outcomes. Our payment system is moving from demonstration and training into implementation. Shown in the figure below, fee-for service reimbursement will continue, serving as the base payment rate (gray).  Performance will be the focus for financial growth of future payments (green).  There is also financial ‘credit’ for data collection and delivery (blue).

Performance KPI

Data Collection and Delivery

Units/Base Contract

Key Performance Indicators for Value-Based Payment:

  • Access to Care
  • Staff Retention
  • Participant Experience
  • Other as Negotiated
  • Coming Up Next: DEIA

We focus on five types of key performance indicators (KPIs). Access to care is our overarching community impact goal. Indicators are created individually with each mental health agency. We offer training and technical support so that agencies can respond in ways that are meaningful to them, and  make the best use of data they may already be collecting.

Overview and Rollout

Implementation phase of our value-based payment System has begun.

SRS: Part of our Equity Strategy

Health disparities can occur by gender, race or ethnicity, education, income, disability, geographic location, language, and sexual orientation. Social determinants of health like poverty, unequal access to health care, lack of education, stigma, and racism are linked to health disparities. This pattern also exists in mental health. We have a longstanding commitment to Equity in access and quality mental health care for all Jackson County residents.

The Star Rating System (SRS) is not a requirement for funding. Instead, it is a free tool that helps guide mental health agencies to self-assess their capacity for culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services. The results guide strategic decisions to improve equity and service delivery.

The SRS has five modules:
• Readiness for Culture Change
• Language Access Structure
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Cultural Competence Plan
• Policies, Sustainability, Commitment

Here is a presentation from one of our grantees that explains how they use the SRS to work strategically. Here are the slides to their presentation as well.

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Technical Assistance

Mental Health Fund

The SRS is designed for agencies to carry out a self-assessment. After some internal work, agencies that receive funding from the Community Mental Health Fund may apply for limited technical assistance on the SRS.

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Guidance Letter

Mental Health Fund
A Language Access Plan is required for funding. Please download our Guidance Letter Example.
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Sample Language Access Plan

Mental Health Fund
We support agencies’ language assistance capacity through the indirect portion of funding. We have this Sample Language Access Plan to assist.

Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health: SDOHs play a major role in physical and mental well-being. We adopted the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) model, which is comprised of:
• education access and quality,
• health care access and quality,
• neighborhood and built environment,
• community and social context, and
• economic stability.

Improving mental health outcomes for persons disproportionately impacted by SDOH is one of our strategic goals. Leveraging SDOHs means that CMHF investments in mental health services have a larger impact, and participants experience greater benefit, when agencies provide more depth and breadth in support services.

Social Determinants of Health
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Value-Based Payment

Mental Health Fund
We are changing the focus of payment from billable hours to participant outcomes using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These measures are being developed collaboratively with providers, based on data they already collect. In early 2020, many grantee agencies will be able to receive incentive payments based on performance in quality areas such as timely access to care.
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Care Coordination

Mental Health Fund
We support a tiered approach to case management. Care coordination meets the highest standards. It pays an incentive rate for high-quality practices, including fidelity to evidence-based approaches, proactive communication, addressing social determinants, and completing benefits enrollment.
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Access to Psychiatry

Mental Health Fund

Around the United States, there is a shortage of psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals. We are making a long-term effort to improve access in Jackson County.  The Prescriber Capacity Summary Report from Integrus Health Group (IHG) created simple ways to improve referrals, increase access and reduce no-shows. This process also helped maintain participants’ continuity in care, reduce lost medication and support adherence.

Step 1 of 2: Please Agree to our License Agreement

The CMHF Board, Staff, Advisory Council and Culture Journey LLC have worked diligently to make the self-assessment tool and other resources available FREE of charge

Please complete the SRS License Agreement seen below to download our latest toolkit and resources.