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The Board of Trustees has authority to contract with established tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporations to: operate, supplement, maintain or deliver purchased services within: community mental health centers, mental health clinics or comprehensive mental health service providers. Funding is contractual and performance-based. Billing and treatment records are audited.
Behavioral Health Clinics


Applicant agencies are required to document legal status and mental health operations, including but not limited to:

  • IRS charitable tax-exemption, Missouri incorporation, and financial audit
  • Agency is a financially stable organization in Jackson County, Missouri, providing mental health care for at least three years prior to initial application
  • Quality assurance, treatment records and licensure meet State requirements and Board of Trustees standards

Existing Grantee Agency

Grant Funding Programs
The Community Mental Health Fund invests in quality of life for Jackson County residents. As a payer of last resort, local mental health funds make other resources go even farther. Mental health services for persons with mental illness are accessible and responsive to the varied and unique needs of Jackson County residents. This is essential for the 18,000 persons who are served every year. For application information click on a Funding Category.
  • Children and Families

    Supports a continuum of services for emotionally disturbed children/youth and their families, including day treatment, individual and family psychotherapy, and center-based care.

    RFP release: Application period has closed.

  • Safety Net

    Support for the foundation of public mental health care in Jackson County, providing broad-based mental health services. Safety Net grantee organizations reflect a diverse cross section of agencies. However, they share a common objective of providing quality mental health services to underserved communities.

    RFP release: Application period has closed.

  • Mental Health Innovations

    Only current CMHF grantees are eligible to apply for Innovation funding. One-time innovation projects are intended to enhance mental health outcomes, quality, and access. Innovation funds cannot be used to replace other funding.

    The initial application consists of a brief Letter of Interest which is completed in the CMHF grantee portal. If selected by the Board to move forward, grantees collaborate with CMHF staff to develop a Project Work Plan.

    Innovation applications are accepted year round. There is not a defined award amount. Awards are based on availability of funds.

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence

    Domestic and Sexual Violence grants support mental health services in shelter-based and community locations for persons who have experienced sexual trauma and/or domestic violence. RFP Release Date: January 2, 2023.

  • Educational and Vocational

    Educational and Vocational program funding supports the delivery of mental health services necessary for successful program participation, skill attainment and functioning in the community. RFP Release Date: January 2, 2023.

  • Technical Support and Evaluation

    Technical Support and Evaluation Projects provide independent, information-based assessments that are responsive to Board and community input. Projects may be initiated at the direction of the Board of Trustees or through an application of an eligible agency. Technical Support projects are limited to one year. This RFP is closed. The next release date is January 2023.
  • Consumer Services

    Non-clinical, consumer support services are vital to the stability of persons with mental illness and thus have an important role to play in Jackson County’s mental health system. Information and referral, case management and financial case management are essential for assisting clients in maintaining independence and obtaining access to needed resources. RFP Release Date: January 2, 2023.

  • Forensic Services

    Forensic Services contracts support inter-agency programs that promote public safety and reduce recidivism, which is the re-arrest and return of persons mental illness back into the criminal justice system. Services are planned and delivered to support the operation of specific justice programs to improve opportunities for moving clients into long-term treatment. Application and schedule are specific for each contract. RFP Release Date: January 2, 2023.

  • Community and Agency Education

    Funding supports 1) one-time mental health awareness events and 2) professional in-service education in Jackson County, Missouri. Provider Training grants can assist current contractors to enhance evidence-based practices that improve mental healthcare. Community Mental Health Education grants can assist non-profit community organizations, in partnership with mental health professionals, to provide information about mental health and reduce stigma. There is no established application deadline, but apply early: Applications for funding are reviewed 30 days after submission.

Existing Grantee Agency

Required Documents

Existing Grantee Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Application Questions

  • What is the next step after activating the Service Tier self-assessment?

    Levy staff will discuss the assessment and applicable services with you at your next scheduled site review, then direct next steps. Additional meetings are likely to occur between regular site reviews.
  • When a new RFP is due, can I add the new tiers and unit prices in the request?

    No, no new service tier can be added until Levy staff recommend and the board approves. Levy staff will guide this process.
  • Can we change our current case management unit cost to the new case management tier unit cost?

    No, unit costs, as applicable, will change at the time the new service tiers are approved.
  • Will our grant allocation amount decrease if our unit rate decreases with the new tier amounts?

    No agency will be penalized if their unit rate goes down as a result of implementing new service tiers. The base agency allocation will remain the same; adjusting units as applicable to make up the difference will be allowed.
  • What if we are currently billing a service that does not seem to meet any of the service tier definitions?

    If a service is currently being billed as “case management” but does not qualify as a tier, it may be defined as a separate service with separate unit cost.

Existing Grantee Agency

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