Community Mental Health Fund

Mental Health Fund in Jackson County

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support a network of quality mental health services for persons with mental illness that are equitably accessible and responsive to the varied and unique needs of Jackson County residents.

Mental Health Fund in Jackson County

About Us

The Community Mental Health Fund makes grants to 501(c)(3) mental healthcare organizations. We are a public fund and services are audited. Care must meet standards set by the Board of Trustees and the State of Missouri. We also support multi-agency initiatives, including cultural competence and trauma-informed care. Services assist our community’s most vulnerable citizens. Abused children, battered women, and homeless families are among those we serve.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated staff of the Jackson County, Missouri Community Mental Health Fund.
Bruce Eddy, PhD.
Bruce Eddy, PhD.
Executive Director
Theresa Reyes-Cummings
Theresa Reyes-Cummings, MPA, GPC
Deputy Director
Susan Jones
Susan E. Jones, LCSW 
Senior Program Liaison
Rochelle DePriest
Rochelle DePriest, LCSW, LMSW, MPA 
Program Liaison
Taryn M. Lichty
Taryn M. Lichty
Office Administrator/Data Analyst
Jennifer Clark
Finance Administrator

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Board and Committees

Board of Trustees

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Jacquelyn C. Moore Chair
  • Alice Kitchen, LCSW, MPA – Kansas City Health Commission
  • Dacia L. Moore, MA, LPC – GateWay of Hope
  • Marsha Campbell – Former Missouri Representative
  • Rochelle L. Harris, Ph.D.  Secretary – Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Joy J. Payne – Consumer Advocate
  • Gary Thompson, MD – Midtown Family Medicine
  • Sandra E. Jiles, MPA
  • Desarae G. Harrah, J.D.
  • Karla Williams  Treasurer
  • Kirby A. Randolph, Ph.D.


Community Mental Health Fund
  • Chair - Jacquelyn (Jacqui) Moore
  • Vice Chair - Sandra Jiles
  • Treasurer - Karla Williams 
  • Secretary - Rochelle Harris

Executive Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Jacquelyn C. Moore
  • Rochelle L. Harris, Ph.D. 
  • Sandra E. Jiles
  • Karla Williams

Cultural Competency Advisory Council (CCAC)

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Theresa Cummings – Staff
  • Rochelle DePriest – Staff
  • Dr. Bruce Eddy – Staff
  • Kristina Jones – Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA)
  • Susan Jones – Staff
  • Fausto Mora – Consultant, Mattie Rhodes Center
  • Dr. Gino Taylor – The Family Conservancy
  • Dr. Gary Thompson – Trustee
  • Jose Torres – Culture Journey LLC
  • Libet Ojeda – Culture Journey LLC
  • Jacquelyn C. Moore – Trustee
  • Sandra E. Jiles  Trustee
  • RaeShaun Williams
  • Dr. Kirby A. Randolph  Trustee
  • Athena Horton - University Health Behavioral Health
  • Karyn Finn - Cornerstones of Care
  • Taryn Lichty - Staff
  • Jennifer Clark - Staff

Accountability and Compliance Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Rochelle Harris – Chairperson
  • Joy Payne – Co-Chair
  • Marsha Campbell
  • Alt: Alice Kitchen

Appropriations Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Marsha Campbell – Chairperson
  • Alice Kitchen – Co-Chair
  • Joy Payne
  • Rochelle Harris
  • Sandra Jiles
  • CC: Jacqui Moore

Education and Planning Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Jacqui Moore – Co-Chair
  • Dr. Gary Thompson – Co-Chair
  • Dacia Moore
  • Marsha Campbell
  • Sandra Jiles

Finance and Internal Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Karla Williams – Treasurer
  • Dacia Moore – Co-Chair
  • Jacqui Moore

Value-Based Payment AD HOC Committee

Community Mental Health Fund
  • Dr. Gary Thompson 
  • Marsha Campbell
  • Dacia Moore
  • Sandra Jiles
  • Jacqui Moore
  • Dr. Kirby Randolph
  • Karla Williams
Mental Health Financial Assistance

Supporting equitable and quality mental health care in Jackson County, Missouri.


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