Annual Reports

16,000 People Served

Our 2016 Demographic Report uses charts and graphs to describe people served by the Community Mental Health Fund.  The report includes race, age groups, languages spoken, uninsured rates and more.  We compare service participants with Jackson County’s population and provide a map of service utilization by zip code.

Annual Audit

The Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund has an independent audit each year. Our 2016 Audit was conducted by Cochran Head Vick and Co, PC. It gives an overview of the Mental Health Fund’s finances and demonstrates accountability for the resources that are received and distributed. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Current Contracts

The Mental Health Fund has over 40 contracts with Jackson County non-profit organizations, who provide a lifeline of mental health care to children, adults, and families in need. Our 2017 Grantee Summary reflects current contracts by agency. Agencies may have multiple contracts, and maximum amounts are provided for all contracts by agency. The contracts support a reimbursement arrangement. “Maximum Billing” amounts are allocations against which agencies may bill units of service. Unspent funds indicate that the maximum amount available was not billed at the close of the contract year. All services are provided to Jackson County residents and verified by on-site audits.

Interest Income Reduces Administrative Costs

The schedule of Mental Health Levy revenue allows us to buy safe, short-term certificates of deposit (CDs), which generate interest to offset a part of our operating costs. Net operating costs are just four cents of each Mental Health Levy dollar.