Request for Proposals

Request for Public Comment – Deadline: March 30, 2018

Service Tier Implementation Plan for Case Support, Case Management, Care Coordination

Across Community Mental Health Fund provider agencies, Case Management represents a range of billed activities that lack consistency in definition, quality, outcome and cost. Beginning in late 2015 through 2017, a number of projects were initiated to explore this problem. Findings resulted in a proposed new approach for defining and billing Case Management services.  This approach has been developed with the goal of  aligning reimbursement rates with service quality, complexity and value. Background information is available on the Quality Initiatives > Accountability page of this web site. The following documents provide the details of Service Tier Implementation Plan:

Public comment is being requested regarding the overall concept, implementation process and the definition of service tiers.  Matters related to an agency’s specific services will be addressed with each agency on an individual basis. Please provide written comments via e-mail to: rdepriest@jacksoncountycares.org  by 5 pm, Friday March 30, 2018.

Public Notice – February 9th, 2018

Request for Letters of Interest: Mental Health Service Innovation Projects

The Board of Trustees is offering an opportunity for current grantees, in contract compliance, of the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund to develop and implement one-time Innovation Projects. Innovation funding is intended to provide partial support for projects that enhance mental health services and outcomes and utilize evidence-based practices to improve the quality and/or outcomes of mental healthcare in Jackson County, Missouri. Rather than submitting a complete proposal, applicants use a three-step project development process beginning with a Letter of Interest. Letters of Interest are due electronically April 6, 2018 before 12:00 Noon

Innovation Project Instructions  include details on 2018 priorities, instructions for letters of interest, and the selection process.

2018 Priorities for Innovations:
• Cultural approaches to mental healthcare
∙ Training and technical assistance for Trauma Informed Care; service to LGBT community and Mental Health First Aid
∙ Public benefits: participant access and billing capacity
∙ First-time accreditation
∙ Agency-initiated projects
∙ Matching Fund Opportunity for participant engagement tools

More Information for Applicants:

2018 Innovations Tutorial Video

2018 Innovations Tutorial Transcription

2018 Innovations Tutorial Slides (pdf)

Updated! Innovations Q&A: Responses to questions from applicant agencies


Important Dates:

April 6, 2018: Letter of Interest due electronically before 12:00 Noon

May 19, 2018: Draft Project Work Plan due

June 1, 2018: Final Project Work Plan due

Selection is competitive. Only a subset of agencies submitting Letters of Interest will be selected to develop a Work Plan. Feasibility, contributed resources and agency/partnership capacity to complete the proposed program will be key assets in the competitiveness of innovation projects. Strengths in the project’s readiness should be highlighted in the initial Letter of Interest. Applicants selected to develop a Project Work Plan will have additional time to prepare documentation and finalize collaborations and procedures. Work Plans may be accepted for funding, or may be declined by the Board of Trustees.

Funding may not be used to cover the costs of existing services. Innovation funding cannot replace or supplant programs that have received support from other sources. Substance abuse treatment and healthcare programs cannot be supported. Physical plant and non-technology capital expenses are excluded.

Public Notice – December 15, 2017


▪ Education and Vocational mental health services
▪ Domestic and Sexual Violence mental health services
▪ Consumer Services

The Board of Trustees requests proposals for mental health services from qualified, 501c)(3) charitable non-profit mental health organizations in Jackson County, Missouri. Proposals are due electronically February 12, 2018 before 12:00 Noon.

Eligibility: Applicant agencies are limited to 2017 community mental health contractors. First-time applicants please see the “getting started” page of our website for funding requirements and eligibility.

Application: Eligible applicants will be contacted by email with a link to on-line our application page. Each agency is responsible for maintaining its username and password. We cannot recover lost login credentials. Proposals can be saved in draft until finalized and submitted. All attachments to the proposal are uploaded in the application page. The “required documents” page of our website provides sample forms and other information to assist applicants.

2017-18 Changes: Proposal instructions are substantially different than past RFPs. We suggest that mental health program managers and others involved in proposal submission review the instructions and consider their responses to the new information requirements as soon as possible.

Important dates:
∙ January 8, 2018: Pre-proposal tutorial video: now available!  See link below.
∙ Responses to Applicants’ written questions (Q&A) were posted below on 1/28.
∙ Deadline: proposals and all attachments must be submitted before February 12, 2018 at 12:00 noon.
∙ March 14 at 9:00 AM (tentative): Appropriations Committee will interview applicants for funding. Location to be announced.

Technical Support & Evaluation; Forensic Services: current contractors will receive separate application instructions.

Application does not guarantee funding. If selected for funding, applicants will receive a one-year, performance-based contract that is legally binding. Material omissions or misrepresentation may result in contract termination and legal consequences including recovery of granted funds. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend contracts due to non-performance, changes in funding availability, or other causes. Periodic progress reporting is required. Physical facilities and records shall be reasonably open for on-site audit.

More Information for February 12 Applicants

Pre-proposal tutorial  – Provides a brief overview of the electronic application process, with specific discussion of  items in the instructions.

Special Populations Q&A – Responses to written questions from applicant agencies on proposal items.