Request for Proposals

There are currently no open RFPs for core funding.  The next RFP will be Safety Net and Children & Families 2020 contracts.  For release September 2019.

We consider these types of applications year-round:

  • Pilot Applications  – for applicant agencies that do not have a grant from the Community Mental Health Fund
  • Community Education – for non-profit agencies
  • Mental Health Innovations – only currently funded agencies are eligible to apply
  • Training Grants – only currently funded agencies are eligible to apply

See our Community Investment page for more information. Please contact us before before submitting your application.  Carefully review the instructions because limitations apply.  It may take up to 60 days for review.

Application does not guarantee funding. If selected for funding, applicants will receive a one-year, performance-based contract that is legally binding. Billing and reporting deadlines are firm. Material non-performance may result in contract termination and legal consequences including recovery of granted funds. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend contracts due to changes in funding availability or other causes. Physical facilities and records shall be reasonably open for on-site audit.