Request for Proposals

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For Release January 3, 2019

Request for Proposals: Mental Health Services for Special Populations

The Board of Trustees will request proposals for the following categories of mental health service:

  • Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Education and Vocational
  • Consumer Services
  • Other categories of service as may be offered by the Trustees

To be considered for funding, proposals must be submitted electronically before February 13, 2019 at 12:00 Noon.

Eligibility: Applicant agencies are limited to 2018 Community Mental Health Fund contractors. First-time Applicant Agencies: visit the Getting Started page of our website to learn about funding requirements and eligibility for pilot application.

Application: Eligible applicants will receive a link to an online application page. Each agency is responsible for maintaining a username and password. We cannot recover lost login credentials. Proposals can be saved in draft until finalized and submitted. Attachments are uploaded in the online application page.

2019 Changes: Proposal instructions include many new questions.  Agency leadership is responsible for accuracy of information submitted.  See the Required Documents page for 2019 application forms and billable services.  Forms from past years will not be accepted.

Other important dates for this RFP are To Be Announced:

  • Open period for applicants to submit questions in writing
  • Release date for a pre-proposal tutorial video
  • Dates/ times for applicant agency interviews before the Appropriations Committee

Terms: Application does not guarantee funding. If selected for funding, applicants will receive a one-year, performance-based contract that is legally binding. Material omissions or misrepresentation in proposals may result in contract termination and legal consequences including recovery of granted funds. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend contracts due to non-performance, changes in funding availability, or other causes. Periodic progress reporting is required. Physical facilities and records shall be open at reasonable times for on-site audit.