Required Documents

  • Proposal Cover Page (MS Word) identifies the applicant, funding request, and assures proper use of tax levy funds.
  • Diagnoses-Diversity (Excel) worksheets for e-mailing as part of the proposal submission process.  See proposal instructions for details.
  • Line Item Budget (Excel) for the proposed project.
  • Service Unit Cost (Excel) provides the format for calculating the cost of a service unit.
  • Personnel Summary (Excel) shows the direct personnel costs of a proposed project.
  • Expenditure Plan (Excel) shows the cost of each proposed service, making the project total.

Information to Assist Proposal Development

  • Service Unit Definitions (revised December 2018) explains services, staff credentials and documentation.  Applicants can reduce proposal narrative when these definitions are used. Includes maximum rates for Therapy units and documentation needed for School-based services.
  • Q and A:  Responds to applicants’ questions with details on specific proposal items plus the overall process.
  • Forms Example (PDF) gives applicants examples of how to fill out the required forms.