Cultural Competence

We define Cultural Competence as engagement in an authentic, shared process responding to the individuality of all persons, in supporting a network of providers meeting the needs of underserved Jackson County residents.

Join the CCAC!

The Cultural Competence Advisory Council is composed of providers, community members, participants, Board members and staff.  The CCAC meets monthly, and has several responsibilities in advising the Trustees. Joining the CCAC is easy.  It starts by completing and returning a CCAC application.

Language Access

Offering language assistance to individuals with limited English proficiency or other communication needs, at no cost to them, is one of the National CLAS Standards.  Levy applicant agencies must have a language access plan to be eligible for funding.  Levy funding supports language assistance through the indirect portion of a unit cost.  To assist provider agencies, we developed a Guidance Letter and a format for a Sample Language Access Plan.

Business Case

Cultural Competence (CC) is often considered the right thing to do, in terms of equity and response to unmet need.  But in our Business Case for Cultural Competence, we establish the business rationale. Organizations with ongoing CC engagement are positioned to respond to diverse populations, meet accreditation and regulatory requirements, manage liability by improving communication and outcomes, and improve care.  We are called upon to provide effective intervention with limited public resources. CC is an essential component of care delivery.

Cultural Competency Collective Learning Community

The Learning Community meets monthly, providing a safe, constructive and educational atmosphere to support a broad cross-section of professionals committed to cultural competence and equity in human services.  Our longstanding partnership with the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, REACH Healthcare Foundation, and Shumaker Family Foundation supports this community-wide initiative.

Mental Health Services Assessment

Organizational Cultural Competence: 2015 Assessment summarizes the findings and recommendations from on-site visits.  The report gives an update on providers’ implementation of their own agencies’ plans and response to national CLAS standards.

Our Cultural Competence Plans

The Board of Trustees adopted a Cultural Competency Plan and indicators to guide development and implementation of inclusive practices within mental health provider organizations in Jackson County, Missouri.