Quality Initiatives

We strive for community leadership, delivering equity and value for people being served with
public funds. Contact us for more information on these initiatives.

Value-Based Payment  

We are changing the focus of payment from billable hours to participant outcomes using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These measures are being developed collaboratively with providers, based on data they already collect.  In early 2020, many grantee agencies will be able to receive incentive payments based on performance in quality areas such as timely access to care. Learn More

Care Coordination

We support a tiered approach to case management. Care coordination meets the highest standards.  It pays an incentive rate for high-quality practices, including fidelity to evidence-based approaches, proactive communication, addressing social determinants, and completing benefits enrollment. Learn More

Access to Psychiatry

Around the United States, there is a shortage of psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals. We are making a long-term effort to improve access in Jackson County.  The Prescriber Capacity Summary Report from Integrus Health Group (IHG) created simple ways to improve referrals, increase access and reduce no-shows. This process also helped maintain participants’ continuity in care, reduce lost medication and support adherence.