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Quality Initiatives

The Community Mental Health Fund is always working for improvement. Through our future planning initiative and other long-term initiatives, we strive for community leadership in delivering equity and value for people being served with public funds.

Access to Psychiatry

  • Like the rest of the United States, Jackson County faces a shortage of psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals.  In response,   we have engaged in a long-term commitment to understand the issues and respond.
  • Integrus Health Group (IHG) studied our provider network in 2016.  IHG’s Prescriber Assessment found major strengths and some areas for improvement.
  • IHG is now evaluating unmet needs and recommending areas for development.  A recent report highlights ways to establish and improve referral agreements between special population agencies and agencies with prescribers. This can help maintain participants’ continuity in community-based specialty agencies, reduce no-shows for psychiatric appoints and reduce lost medication and support medication adherence.