Quality Initiatives

Through our long-term initiatives, we strive for community leadership in delivering equity and value for people being served with public funds.

Access to Psychiatry

  • Like the rest of the United States, Jackson County faces a shortage of psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals. In response, we are involved in a long-term effort to understand the issues and respond.
  • So far the most important take-away from this initiative is that we can increase access by making better use of the prescribers we already have. It is not difficult or expensive. But it does require improving communication, coordination and support for both participants and prescribers.
  • New!  Prescriber Capacity Summary Report from Integrus Health Group (IHG). A group of Levy providers used simple processes to improve referrals, increase access and reduce no-shows. This helped maintain participants’ continuity in care, reduce no-shows for psychiatric appoints, reduce lost medication and support medication adherence.