Getting Started

The Board of Trustees has authority to contract with established tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporations to: operate, supplement, maintain or deliver purchased services within: community mental health centers, mental health clinics or comprehensive mental health service providers. Funding is contractual and performance-based. Billing and treatment records are audited.

Applicant Agency Eligibility

Applicant agencies are required to document legal status and mental health operations, including but not limited to:

  • IRS charitable tax-exemption, Missouri incorporation, and financial audit
  • Agency is a financially stable organization in Jackson County, Missouri, providing mental health care for at least three years prior to initial application
  • Quality assurance, treatment records and licensure meet State requirements and Board of Trustees standards

Preparing for a First Application

  • Review the Service System Guidelines, especially the sections on eligible services, cultural competence and accountability.
  • Complete the Pilot Eligibility checklist
  • Once the checklist is submitted, we will respond. We may ask for additional information or clarification before setting up a telephone meeting with leadership of the interested agency.