Getting Started: Provider Training & Community Mental Health Education

The Board of Trustees has authority to contract with established tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporations to: operate, supplement, maintain or deliver purchased services within: community mental health centers, mental health clinics or comprehensive mental health service providers. Funding is contractual and performance-based. Service delivery and financial records are audited.

Provider Training – Applicant Eligibility

Applicant agencies must be current contractors of the Community Mental Health Fund in good contract standing. Requests for funding must meet the following criteria:

  • Evidence-based or promising practice to improve mental healthcare quality
  • Is clinical in nature and responsive to the cultures of your participants and the surrounding community
  • Includes train-the-trainer component to sustain agency capacity
  • In-service training made available to all levels of staff as appropriate
  • Including community partners is encouraged

Non-Allowable Costs include staff salaries, individual training to maintain CEU’s or certifications, pre-service training, or food/beverage expenses.

Community Mental Health Education –  Applicant Eligibility

Community applicant agencies are required to document charitable, tax exempt 501(c)(3) legal status, past experience organizing similar events, and capacity to deliver the intended results of the training.  Criteria for application include but are not limited to:

  • Documenting Missouri incorporation with Secretary of State Certificate of Good Standing
  • Recent external audit available for review
  • Training must be in held Jackson County
  • Training open to the public with primary audience being Jackson County residents
  • Venue must be ADA compliant and offer reasonable accommodations and language assistance if requested

Event and Training Criteria for Community Applicants

  • Mental Health/Anti-Stigma related
  • Provides an opportunity to normalize conversations about mental health and improve access to services
  • Be a time-specific event
  • A credentialed mental health professional must be on-hand to provide support
  • Community referral information must be available.  Should include Community Mental Health Fund agencies
  • Training content must utilize evidence based information, validated curriculum, or be supported as best-practice information

Allowable costs for the community based training’s include: trainer/facilitator expenses, training materials, interpreter services, mental health professional participation, marketing and printing expenses, a portion of venue expenses. Food and beverage costs are not allowable.

Preparing for the Application

  • Complete the online Application.  New users must set up an account and can save their information until their documentation ready for submission. Save your user name and password, staff cannot retrieve your login information.
  • Once the application is submitted, we will respond. We may ask for additional information or clarification before setting up a telephone meeting with leadership of the interested agency.
  • Applications should be received at a minimum of 30 days prior to the event/training.

Additional Information

  • Applications will not be reviewed the months of July and December while the Board of Trustees is in recess.
  • Once the budget for grants is exhausted for the year, no other awards will be considered until the new budget year.