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Quality Initiatives

We strive for community leadership, delivering equity and value for people being served with public funds.
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Value-Based Payment

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We are changing the focus of payment from billable hours to participant outcomes using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These measures are being developed collaboratively with providers, based on data they already collect. In early 2020, many grantee agencies will be able to receive incentive payments based on performance in quality areas such as timely access to care.
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Care Coordination

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We support a tiered approach to case management. Care coordination meets the highest standards. It pays an incentive rate for high-quality practices, including fidelity to evidence-based approaches, proactive communication, addressing social determinants, and completing benefits enrollment.
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Access to Psychiatry

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Around the United States, there is a shortage of psychiatrists and other prescribing professionals. We are making a long-term effort to improve access in Jackson County.  The Prescriber Capacity Summary Report from Integrus Health Group (IHG) created simple ways to improve referrals, increase access and reduce no-shows. This process also helped maintain participants’ continuity in care, reduce lost medication and support adherence.

From Volume to Value

Value–based payment puts the focus on quality and outcomes. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being developed collaboratively with providers in response to our community impact goals.

We are working with Integrus Health Group to pilot KPIs with 14 mental health agencies. We are working to assure that both provider and payer understand how performance is measured, then share information. By 2020, many grantees will be able to receive incentive payments based on their performance.

In 2017 we worked with Open Minds, a national organization that assists human service payers and providers with management knowledge to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  This project produced a webinar to explain levy funds as an investment in participant well-being.

Racial Equity

CMHF has a longstanding commitment to cultural diversity and cultural competence in mental health. Recent events compel us to look deeper and do more about systemic racism in the fields where we work, including behavioral health, grant making, and tax abatement. The status quo is unacceptable. Our Racial Equity Statement acknowledges our privilege and responsibility for funds that come from citizens. It commits us to ongoing learning. Its goals open exciting opportunities for new work at the grassroots level, supporting organizations led by persons of color, and identifying and treating race-based trauma.

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National CLAS Standards

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The HHS Office of Minority Health has maintained standards and guidance material for many years. The National CLAS Standards shape our views.
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Language Access Plan

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A Language Access Plan is required for funding. We support agencies’ language assistance capacity though the indirect portion of funding. For help and ideas, see our Guidance Letter and Sample Language Access Plan.
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Cultural Competence

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Our Business Case for Cultural Competence explains that agencies must respond to diverse populations, meet accreditation and regulatory requirements, manage liability, and improve communication in order to achieve outcomes.
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Sustainability Plan

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We have formal documents to help guide inclusive practices. Components include Cultural Competency Plan, Cultural Competence Sustainability Plan, Cultural Competency Indicators

Save the zip file to your computer and "double click" to open and access all resource files.

SRS: Part of our Equity Strategy

The Start Rating System (SRS) guides mental health agencies to self-assess culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services.  The results guide strategic decisions to improve equity and service delivery.  The CMHF Board, Staff, Advisory Council and Culture Journey LLC have worked diligently to make the self-assessment tool and other resources available free of charge. Limited technical assistance is now available to agencies who receive funding from the Community Mental Health Fund.

Please complete the SRS License Agreement seen below to download our latest toolkit and resources. 

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